Saturday, October 3, 2020

Beautiful Poetry Collection

Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992


"O beloved wifey! Drinking thy juicy lips,felt like Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992'
A sip increases desire for more, sleeping in the coffin also I wanna always adore thou!"

[Note:- This Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992 is a type of wine which is of purple colour.Interesting fact is that it's cost is $500,000.Really expensive one and rarest]


Dark a night I met beautiful firefly

Got enchanted by her pleasant smile

Neither she vanity nor put make-up on her face

Thou creature so small,but hath power of scars to heal

Though oyster shines 'cuz of precious pearl

But someday fairness gets declined

Think about mighty magical firefly

Heav'n is so divine made her to always shine

God's all messanger felt asleep,only thee came to meet

Oh sorry! I forgot to offer wine an' meal

Her sting taste the meal, feathers play'd splash in wine.

Took a beauty sleep in my duvet

I wonder she vanished before th' dawn

Found her goodbye letter in my lawn

Fulfilled with her magic all my demands

Oh Kamra!Heard alot of justice

All around rumours rain wild,

 Believed 'em for a while,

Fought with me for all day and night,

Break-up came to be result in a while,

Being alone I felt miles of pain,

Thou betrayed me,but not ashamed,

Saying 'love you' was thy stupid game,

Not she bothered of my heart and vein,

Oh Kamra!Heard alot of justice in thy name,

Sinners can't escape from god's havoc,

Hath god punished her alot,

After one year of separation,'sorry' was her last talk,

I laughed alot,said gracias to god,

O My Lord!thou sword of karma lives long and long.


Even rain can't shed her pain

Oh God! She keeps taking your name

Though thy justice ne'er came to her door

She's still alive but found her dead soul

Her life hath a situation of do or die

To remain alive,war is her only choice

Fight with the devils who hollow thee from inside

Optimistic thoughts can bring back dreams of thy life

Oh lady! Don't let fall the sword of right

Even the gems of the sea can't beat thy pride

Seeing thy beauty red rose shy

Angels of th' heav'n come to wipe tears if thee cry

Be like a Charlie Chaplin to spread smile

Only once we get to live apt life

Fuckin' leave public judgement aside

Thou are queen of thy own life


O Moon!why thou elegant so far,

Autumn is apt to take all thy scars,

Dark night gets jealous of thee,

As thy fan following ow'st billion of stars,

Shall I compare thee darling to a spring season,

Greenary of mustard blossoms,but figures of delight,

All beauty dimm'd in front of my wife,

Rainbow being so high as regards her minerva of eternal light,

Pour wine in royal cups for moon and stars,

Hath invited 'em as guest in my nuptial so far,

I stepped forward to put red vermilion in her demand,

Seeing in red bridal gown felt moon's beauty brag,

On the music of lightning rain celebrates our wedding,

Oh moon!why thou jealous of my beautiful lady.


Though death so cruel, can't scare the mighty
 O cowards thou cry just 'cuz fear makes 'em die
Mighty of mighty kings hath sacrifice their life
Tasted death only once in warrior life
Neither death cried nor shouted loud
When hail Ceaser got stabbed twenty three times
Blood filled with eyes,O death thy tears can't lie.
But still his grave remains alive
O Rome! Gray clouds an' thunder mourn till night
Moon got pale,yearn'd many times
Those senators betrayed shouldst die
Not to believe someone is lesson of life
Thou mighty hath another world in paradise
Defeat death or die is only choice.


Would these fifty winters make me old 
O love! thou remain evergreen soul
Wrinkles of thy face hath beautiful sea shore
Kissing thy forehead makes me feel secure
Thy lethal eyes allure more an' more
Fallen in love 'cuz thy heart is so pure
Drinking thy juicy lips taste like sweet blueberry
Thou will always be my cute fairy
All winter I wanna cuddle up thee for long
No need of cashmere,thy body makes me warm
Seeing a glimpse gets activated my love hormone
why thou live thousand miles long
O beloved!thy breath tranquilizes my pain
Ne'er leave thou alone, forever I'm along

"O night! You've got curse of darkness, of death spite
But broken pieces of heart yearn death many times!"

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Love Is Like 9MM Bullet And Cigarettes

Purity of love has changed to just a 9mm bullet which seems to be small but can kill a person in one shot Your love just bullet and gives wound like a smoke of cigarette which kills slowly slowly.

Isn't it I have been lost so much in you that I forgot to recognize myself. The love which I was searching in you was just fake like a mirage.l was just a deer searching water in the desert and got tired and died without water. 

The love which I have heard is to feel free but I was just like a bird in a cage or a criminal in a jail with whom cruelty is shown only. The definition of love changed after what you did. I don't need you and your love.if love is killing my inner soul and capturing my freedom then i don't need it anymore.

 When you cry or needed me I was always there to help you and care but when I needed you the most you were not with me in fact,you blamed and proved me wrong.Like every boy was also judged.If a person is loyal then everyone questions alot on his/her dignity and loyalty.

You left nothing and ruined relationship just in a second. A chameleon takes time to change it's colour but I was shocked to see to just in a second changed your colour. Hatts off you for being winner in a competition of changing colour.

My soul cried alot for you and you didn't listen a single word of mine.I have called you thousands times and more than 1500messages.It's not because I want to say sorry only but I want to say that I love you upto infinity,you became too much selfish didn't even answered me a single time.

You never loved me.On that day I came to know how person changes in a pico second I came to know if someone wants to leave then he/ she can find any way and blame you without any reason so that he/she can get chance to go away from us After you left me,daily 1 cigarette changed to

20. Smoking and drinking was only thing which seems to be my friend and your die hard lover was making graveyard for himself. All night was just seeing your pictures and crying in a closed

room.Sometimes I used to see your old messages and smile and when I remember you broke up with me I start crying.I was the boy who never take pillow to sleep but those pillow became like shoulders to hug them and cry alot.I was just stuck in the past and even can't step out single foot out of that part of my life.

You played a best leading actress role in my life and worked as both a 9mm bullet and a packet of cigarette Body was alive but the blood of my heart was saying only that it needs you and only you can cure me but you left me alone in the darkness of my own shadow. 

There is not so difference between me and the tree of autumn season which shades all leafs and all left over on ground dried The change of season goes on

and greenery can come again but you'll never comel know this. You were like rainbow for me which have seven colors and only seen in rainy season Rainbow disappears after some time and you also disappeared taking my happiness, my smile with you.

Each and every second I was fighting from my own soul and blaming myself why I loved you the most. It's very easy to make relations but very tough to be in it. This 9mm bullet can kill me once but your words

will kill me every second it's seems like Julius Caesar quote Cowards die many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste of death but once".Just opposite is for heartbroken person that we lovers die many times before our death and each second seems to be a long journey for us. We lovers after being broken start praying god for our death and happiness for others because after heartbreak for us only one thing matters alot and this is love In this world of devil.

Love and loyalty is not respected but I can't leave my loyalty for you. This loyalty is only my property which have and wanna die with this my property which I have and wanna die with this only.You left me without any reason then it's good. If you don't regret for your wrong perceptions and decisions then why should I remember you. 

This year is new and something new is to be done.How much I have loved you if for your wrong things I will give you a bit of curse you would have been crying like me but don't worry wait for your chance because god never leaves anyone and there is no delay in God's

home. If your love has killed me like 9mm bullet and cigarette then you will also one day will be killed harder than this 9mm poisonous bullet.

When I see my past back it haunts me and I think that every person comes to our life just for a reason,just like seasons changes they come and go but we should not stop ourselves for them because who loves you will always stay forever with you and be with you in every harsh situations of your life.

It has been more than two years I left smoking and I never break promises made from my x girlfriend.

My x girlfriend broke up with his new boyfriend and betrayed me but now she got cheated and she called and said sorry to me and started crying for what she did with me.Then I remember of God and thought whosoever does something wrong gets punished here only.

So instead of hurting or playing with someone's heart think one day devil's have to suffer.God sees everything.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Trip to Eiffel Tower,Paris

 Eiffel Tower


Being from alittle town I took train to succeed in Delhi and from there I booked tickets on behalf of me and my friends to Paris.The flight which I took was Gulf Air and experiencing everything for the primary time within the flight was really amazing and brooding about how fabulous it might be once we reach to Paris.

The Gulf Air flight began to begin the runway at 5:40a.m. and after four hours it reached to Bahrain and from there it directly landed within the City of dreams that's Paris at 6:45P.M.

The facility which flight provided us was really praiseworthy and that i was pleased to ascertain how disciplined stewardess were.

Apart from this,after getting landed on runway,we just got checked at airport then we collected our babbage,took taxi towards our booked 'Hôtel Paris Lafayette'.All friends took shower and rest for a few time then we decided to travel whole Paris.

The first name to go to came to everyone's mind was Eiffel Tower 


Let me tell you guys what an exquisite day it become after seeing Eiffel Tower .Tourist guide started telling the history of this beautiful heaven.

Tower's wonderful and marvelous design was made by Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel for the Paris Exhibition of 1889, which marked the centenary of the French Revolution .

This tower has 18,000 sturdy iron section which weighs 10,000 tons and held by 2.5million of rivets.This structure is taken into account as masterful architectural design and most famous site within the world .It is said that one who visits Paris and doesn't visits Eiffel Tower then he has seen nothing.

From the Jardins du Trocadéro and therefore the lawns of the Champs de Mars, there's just the proper distance from the Eiffel Tower . Reaching 324 meters tall , the tower was the world's tallest building.

We took elevator to succeed in initially level which is at 57 meters then second level at 115 meters.The outlook seems to be speculator reaching on the highest .We decided to succeed in the highest level which is at 276meters and this thrilling moment really made us feel goosebumps.What we actually saw from the highest level is that each person standing on the bottom seem to be like ants roaming here and there.I felt as a king ruling them. heheheheheheh

Forgot to inform that Verne Restaurant is on the second floor which is for gourmet meal . Restaurant features most expansive windows to enjoy wonderful panaromas.We clicked many images there and shared them on our social networking sites.Then back to our hotel.


Louvre Museum(Musée du Louvre) was once a home for France king and now it's most vital museum of Paris.We entered from the courtyard of the palace at the glass pyramid which was designed in 1917 by Leoh Ming Pei.This museum has quite 30,000 artworks among which many were considered as masterpieces.It was not very easy to ascertain whole meseum in at some point because it had been so large and each painting was meaningful and luxurious 

The most famous painting was Mona Lisa painting which was painted by Leonardo Leonardo in 1503-05.I have seen fake painting everywhere but therein museum I saw real one.

Apart from this,many other exceptional paintings I saw like immense Wedding Feast at Cana painting by Veronese,Liberty Leading the People,Botticelli's frescoes,Venus de Milo sculpture and Victory of Samothrace of the Hellenistic period.

This museum was surrounded by Jardin des Tuileries Park from one side and celebrated landscape gardener André Le Notre was created in classic French style ,manicured trees; two ponds; and statues by Rodin, Giacometti, and Maillol. Park benches and cafe for outdoor seating was also there.Everything I even have seen in movies only but now after seeing in real i used to be astonished how big and wonderful these monuments are.

After watching everything we went back to hotel for rest then slept properly there.Decided for our next plan in morning and thought to go to Cathedral of Paris as heard of it as most beautiful by other tourists.ts.

Our another visit was to Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris:-

This cathedral was found by founded in 1163 by King Louis IX (Saint Louis) and Bishop Maurice de Sully.Construction took nearly 150years and is triumph of Gothic .Island of Seine ,the lle de la Cite is center of historical and geographical site in Paris.

Gallo-Roman city of Lutetia was built on alittle plot of land by Romans from 6th Century -14th Century.

The ornamental design of facade attracted us alot and therefore the Gallery of King as 21 figures at the doorway which shows those figures lost their heads during Revolution.

80 Old Testament scenes are stunning art of labor centred round the Virgin once we enter sanctuary to require within the thanks to grandeur.Rose window within the transept is magnificent with lights of flickering candles inside.

This what we experienced in our tour with friends and much of fun we've .ve .

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Palais Garnier, Opéra National de Paris

We all three friends are visited Opera which was commissioned by Nepoleon third in 1860 and designed by Charles Garnier during a Baroque style.Garnier worked on this project for 13 years i.e. from 1862 to 1875,a long period he took to style this beautiful Opera.It is the symbol of Nepoleon's regime

Features of Opera:-

Classical columns and having eight sculptures represents allegorical figures mainly-Poetry, Music, Idyll, Recitation, Song, Drama, and Dance.Loggia depicts composers Rossini, Beethoven, and Mozart and cupola was on top of statue of Apollo.Entering inside the building it's around 11,000 metres which made us.Mainly most of the building's space is devoted to Grand Escalier.

Auditorium has red-velvet seats where quite 2000 persons can sit.

Theatre's sunshine is due to Chagall ceiling painting and crystal chandelier and perfect place for dramatic cultural performances.Including Opera,we had chance to see ballet,music concerts,Galla events.In the evening the lighting of that place makes me feel paradise.
Bibliotèchque-Musée de l'Opera is the library meseum located inside the Opera House which has museum's permanent collection features drawings of costumes and scenery, scale models, and paintings of the building and centuries of archives were safely kept there.Near there was a stylish contemporary restaurant.
We travelled lots of places and in a chilled weather we experienced lots of beautiful moments but many places left where we can't go just because we don't have so much time and capturing moments of my life which I never dreamt of seeing heaven in real I saw that also after spending time in Paris.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Hitler Is Humble Than My Beloved

Hitler Is Humble Than My Beloved

 The blood from my heart spilling out on the earth,greenery vanished leaving smog. The wok of pain burned me from inside without a lit of fire.

Each and every second blood of vein getting thinner and thinner and dry a litre of milk poured with galloon of water losing the purity. 

Where's my vein, where's me, here's my dream?The long desire to see her was just like moon waiting for the night to come but moon met with night but I never met her. She took stars,sunshine and gove me the darkness to let me dither.

Face got pale, eyes dark and body full of dark patches then also long desire to see my beloved. The desire never died and she never come back.               

Heart was cut into pieces just like a body of a soldier in war injured and doctor doesn't know to stitch wounds. How to give body to family as nothing is left except his one leg and two hands. 

The cruelty of beloved has cross the height of Himalayas up to 8848m and going more higher and higher. The far away me was dead from inside with smile outside. The madness to meet her was too much which converted into a mental shifted to a mental hospital and screaming begging not to give shock treatment.

Who knows love would be something tike moon can't be seen in day and sun can't shine in night.But the desire was alive to see her after a scarce journey.I think of Hitler who seem to be more humble than my beloved.I was no more in me,waiting and waiting every second for her.

 She never came back but god came to take me for a ride to heaven

and my last sentence was that she would come to see me.God wait for some more days but god smiles and

said she would never be back. God started taking out my soul from the body and I took deep breathe with fast heart beat.The sound of 'Ahhhh' coming from my mouth full of pain and god gave my body to family to burn or bury it. 

The last question was that my soul still alives. I thought she would come to see my last breathe but she neither came back nor she turned back. 

The desire to see her never ended after my body was burned as I was burned when she left me alone. She never came back, she never came back but I waited for her to come back.l was just like a barren land daughter and waiting for rain from thousand of years but rain never came and I was destroyed like a former died without drinking water and agonized for a drop of water to foster It.

My soul is still searching her but she never came back was just like a man of own country was thrown out of his motherland and can't say anything.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Soldier's Letter To His Daughter

Letter to Soldier's Daughter

My Dear lovely Princess,

My Dear lovely Princess,

I am scripting this letter my cute daughter to point out my depth of affection as I when you will be born could also be i will be on Indian border fighting for the peace of country.

I know when you'll read this letter your eyes are going to be filled with tears and shiver to feel the love of your dad. I never ever thought that my life would be filled with happiness when you'll are available our life.l and your mom always are expecting you to return in our life. Your mom always fights with me that she wants a boy but I always need a girl who would be brave like me and having moral values which made us feel proud.

In the joy of your coming, the house has been made heaven.Every room is crammed with barbie dolls,teddy bears and filled with toys,baby posters.

Every moment i feel about you my little princess but i buy scared sometimes.Lado you recognize what proportion pain your mom has got to bear brooding about the instant of delivery my goosebumps stands.

The pain she'll bear and that i can't see her pain,i'll start crying my little princess. I just wanna hold her hand tightly and wanna say her i'm together with her and that i wish I could take all pain and tears that she is going to have at that moment.

 In hospital, when she is going to scream and i'll await you to return in our life.All day and night being nervous of that situation and happy for you to return .Oh God!one side you're giving pain to a mother and other side giving many happiness. God why you seem to prove that each happiness has got to undergo the way of pain.Why every mother has got to bear this pain i can not see.

Hey my little princess you're frightened of coming during this world know this but I promise you each moment your dad will fight from bloody damn rapist and cause you to more and more strong in order that you do not need anyone to fight with this world filled with devils.If this world is devil then my daughter you're woman , filled with courage,guts,patience and fighting skills.

Every moment I'll capture your smile being faraway from you furthermore may i will be with you.Lado you and me both folks will tease your mom and when she'll beat you I'll prevent from her and I'll feed my lovely daughter with my hand.I am really a lucky father who will have brave daughter such as you Always help others and be your own leader.Don't think that you simply are a woman once you enter this world. Always remember you're the warrior and you've got to fight from every situations.Life has got to undergo pains but always be strong and solve every problems by giving lovely smile.

Don't be a doctor, engineer pilot and do not follow other professions,only be the revolution to vary this world.Then i'll feel proud on you my dear princess. From paradise i'll offer you blessings and you will see me as a star within the sky.Being your shadow,i'll always protect you.

I am ending this letter here only and that know tears are coming from your eyes but remember pgli you're my only diamond so never cry.Give a lovely smile and say goodbye to your dad. you will always feel proud after seeing my body wrapped with Indian flag(Tiranga).Love you the foremost my cutie princess.

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